Meet the Makers

Elvia is a seamstress extraordinaire. She’s been sewing for over 15 years and has her own small business sewing bags and purses. It’s through custom orders from Elvia that the idea of creating collaborative new designs began.

Francisca is a master weaver and natural dyes chemist! She’s the president of the Corazón del Lago weaving cooperative in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala and coordinates the production of the beautiful handwoven textiles.

Carlos and Carlos are jade and silver geniuses. They work together to produce pieces for distributors in Antigua, Guatemala. They’ve accepted the challenge of collaborating on some designs outside of their comfort zone.

Maribel and Celia are creative crafters who come from a family of coffee entrepreneurs and talented seamstress sisters. They’ve perfected their jewelry skills and have a great eye for color and design.

A big thanks to all of Kaleido’s partner makers. Their willingness to try new designs and invest their time and talent has allowed Kaleido to collaborate with some seriously gifted people, and we are so glad to share their work with you.