About Us


Kaleido Collection brings a little bit of Guatemala closer to you by offering home and personal accessories and jewelry that are handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans, all of whom set their own wage, as well as products that are made with inspiration from Guatemala.

Through a collaborative design process, Kaleido’s partner artisans work with textiles, silver and jade and use traditional techniques to create unique items such as pillow covers, purses, tassel accessories, and jewelry.


What’s behind the name?

Kaleido (as in kaleidoscope) means beautiful form in Greek, and there are so many beautiful things in Guatemala – the breathtaking landscapes, detailed craftsmanship and especially the gracious and hospitable people.

The triangle or delta sign as the letter A is a symbol of change. We as individuals can always strive for better change in our actions – no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

The spiral in the letter O is a symbol of nature and the nautilus shell, representing natural beauty and growth. While we continue to change and evolve it should be done in a way that’s in tune with the earth.


Why Guatemala?

I first came to know and live in the beautiful country of Guatemala through working at an NGO focused on coffee communities. Working in a small town primarily made up of small-scale agriculture, I worked alongside coffee producers and got to know the skilled work and art of coffee. Along the way, I met several artisans, some who have generations of craft experience and others who are newfound makers. What started as purchases and custom-made requests for myself turned into a desire to share these beautiful forms with others while supporting talented artisans – not for the sake of “giving back” to the community, but to provide additional opportunities and meaningful work for gifted crafters. Nearly all of the Kaleido pieces are part of a collaborative design process between multiple makers.

Getting to know Guatemalan craftwork and art also encouraged me to pursue my own creativity, drawing from Guatemalan inspiration. Some of the pieces in the collection are my own, but I have the people I’ve met along the way to thank for sparking my imagination with their beautiful designs and craftsmanship.